The services of Kramer Schalltechnik GmbH: sound and noise measurement/

Since 2000, Kramer Schalltechnik GmbH does business in the field of sound and noise measurements. Our services cover the following areas:

building acoustics

Sound transmission from adjacent apartments / rooms and from the outside.

building planning

Determination and evaluation of existing or possible noise conflicts.

recreational noise

Acoustic accompaniment for music, concerts and cultural events.

commercial noise

Verification of sound insulation requirements or complied immission guidelines.

noise abatement plans

Creation of noise pollution plans for the various types of noise.

sport noise

Inspection of sports, leisure and shooting facilities.

traffic noise

Verification of imission limits under the traffic noise situation.


We develop our own software products for noise and sound measurement.

commercial & industry

Software solutions: noise3D, MAPANDGIS

working spaces

Software solutions: SAR-NP

Detecting & displaying

Software solutions: MessKataster